Total Crap!

Statement of Purpose

This is the nth number of time I’ve started a blog. I have probably created tens of blogs earlier and wasted MBs of precious server space…. Sorry, Blogspot, LiveJournal, rediff etc… 😀

I hope that I will stick to this blog and will try to update it periodically. As a matter of fact, I am deleting my other blogs with the hope that this will help me streamline my thoughts a bit and prevent confusing my already confused mind. 😐

Now what do I want this blog to contain…?? I really don’t know. I hope that this remains a testimonial to the next two years that I spend doing my MBA. I don’t want this blog to be a pointer to life at MDI. There are already people doing this (and doing it well… refer to my Blog Lists). Basically i don’t want to create a wrong impression of the life of an MBA student and specially of my college… 😉

I intend this blog to help me remember the mistakes I make and the good times I have (special emphasis on the good times)
My friends and family will also find a space here. They are the most important part of my life and removing them from this blog is unthinkable…
Okay… that’s about it…. I’m feeling hungry now… and its already dinner time .

But before I go I still have to delete my other blogs.


C Ya!


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