Social Identity/Need for Power/CV Value – What’s ur pick?

The past
week has been a hectic week in MDI. Hectic, not because of the academic rigor involved, but rather because of the number of interviews that have been happening
for membership to the various clubs and committees.

to the college rules, everyone is supposed to be a member of at least one
Club/Committee. I suspect this is to try to inculcate some team-work skills in us.

coming to the point, I had also applied to some of the clubs. After painstakingly
filling out the five application forms and giving a number of interviews and
GDs (I hate these so-called Group Discussions!), I have been selected in the
core committee of one and have been waitlisted in two. Apparently a lot of
bargaining goes on behind the scenes by the respective secreteries to select the best candidates from the lot
for their teams and also to give most of the people a chance to develop their team-working skills. I
think this is how someone like me got lucky and got selected.

Now, come
to think of it, why do people apply to clubs and committees in the first place?
“To develop their networking skills, build the brand image of and to add value
to the institute”?? Balls!!

Maybe the
part about the networking skills is true, but the adding value part and
building the brand image thing is pure bull shit. The primary reason that most
people (including me) want to be a part of these committees is the enormous CV
value they provide at the time of the final placements. Another reason could
possibly be found out from the “Social Identity” theory (practical application
of Organizational Behavior, u see! ).

Here’s what the theory says:

"When we belong to a group, we are likely to derive our sense
of identity, at least in part, from that group. We also enhance the sense of
identity by making comparisons with out-groups."


And here’s what WikiPedia says about this theory,

Social Identity consists
of three parts:

  • Categorization: We often put others (and ourselves)
    into categories. Labeling someone as a Muslim, a Turk, or soccer
    are ways of saying other things about these people.
  • Identification: We also associate with certain groups
    (our ingroups), which serves to bolster our self-esteem.
  • Comparison: We compare our groups with other groups,
    seeing a favorable bias toward the group to which we belong…


Maybe the "need to belong" is the reason that many people have filled out the forms of all the
The third
possible reason could be that many people see these committees as a stepping
stone to the main power centre here – The Student Council. I have actually had
people tell me to apply to so-and-so committee because so-and-so committee has
a permanent seat in the Council. It didn’t matter to them that I had no
interest whatsoever in the task that the committee does. The quest or rather, need
for power is possibly greater in these people than it is in someone like me. I would
also like to be in the Council, but not by doing something I have no interest
in… Maybe that is just an example of the lack of ambition in me…. Who knows??

gotta sleep… got a class at 8:30 tomorrow…


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