Plaigairism on the net.


Today I saw the effect of
plagiarism from close quarters. Before I go any further, here’s how Wikipedia
defines it:

"Plagiarism is a form of cheating, and within academia is seen
as academic dishonesty. It is a matter of deceit:
fooling a reader into believing that certain written material is original when
it is not. Plagiarism is a serious and punishable academic offense, when the
goal is to obtain some sort of personal academic credit or personal

Plagiarism is not
necessarily the same as copyright infringement, which occurs when
one violates copyright law."

The spread of internet has
made the sharing of thoughts and ideas easy for people across the globe, but it
has also made life easier for some assholes, who can easily pass off other’s
ideas as their own.

Dhimant – my roomie – is a regular blogger. Today he was
writing an article for the college HR magazine, and so he decided to convert
one of his posts into an article. After finishing the article, he ran the piece
thru the college plaigirism-finder software, as advised by the magazine
co-ordinators. And guess what?? Out comes the name of a blog owned by an idiot
from TAPMI, with the same article, posted a week after Dhimant’s article,
without any acknowledgements or references. And guess what was his grand
contribution to the piece… he had changed the title name.

And if for a moment u
think that this kind of a thing is limited to lesser mortals like our friend
from TAPMI here… think again. Here’s a post from the Youth Curry blog by Rashmi
Bansal (the editor of JAM Magazine). It shows how rampart this malice is and
how difficult it is to deal with it in the absence of any laws specific to

If a “business guru and
best-selling author” like Prof. Arindam Chaudhuri can steal, it is easy to
guess what will be the situation at the lower levels.

And come to think of it,
it does provide publicity to the intellectual capital of IIPM
(dare to think beyond the IIMs!!!) in the USA . And as we all know, any publicity is good publicity!


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