For Amit… (contd.)

After the ILP, we all went our separate ways, some landing
up in Mumbai (like me), some in Delhi
and the rest in TCS offices all around the country. Initially, we were all in
regular touch, with regular mails, SMSes and the works. Gradually, the
pressures of work started catching up and regular touch started meaning a
forward a week, sent blindly without even having a look at the recipients. Even
this was not to last long for most of us.

People like me got so engrossed with our respective lives
that we didn’t have time to even send this mandatory forward. Only a few people
remained who tried to keep the momentum going. Even they looked like fighting a
losing battle…

Meanwhile, my CAT dreams started materializing. The excuse
of studies first and GD/PI later allowed me to convince myself that I don’t
have time for keeping in touch. Ultimately, I somehow converted my MDI call.

While I started packing my bags to leave Mumbai, I sent a
last mail to S22 from my TCS id. Expectedly, the congratulation and farewell mails
started coming in. Since, I was preoccupied with the TCS bond amount and the life
ahead, I couldn’t reply to many of them.

One of the mails was from Amit Kumar Verma, an unassuming reed
thin guy who was an important cog in the BBB wheel. I had a some good moments with
the guy in the place where we were staying in Chennai, Baba’s Ashram. He had
sent me his Gurgaon number and told me to give him a call when I reach Gurgaon.
His place was apparently very near to MDI.

Even after making umpteen reminders to myself, I never got
down to making that one call. The pressures of B-School life had got to me, as
they had previously while I was working. Slowly, past contacts started disappearing
from my life, except for the ones on ORKUT (God Bless Orkut Buyukkokten).

Maybe I had resigned myself unconsciously to this happening.

The reality of life struck today with Shoeib’s mail.

Amit Kumar Verma was no more. Some accident in Goa had taken his life…

Suddenly the rat-race seemed so insignificant and

For the first time, I have felt the need for more
time from life. For a type-B personality like me, this realization is a bolt
from the blue. I always believed that one day I will be able to get back in
touch with my friends. After all, they are my friends; they will be able to
understand my being not in touch, right? WRONG.

The only time that I have is now. It’s the moment to do
whatever I have been thinking for so long. Life is too short.

Forgive me friends, I have learnt my lesson.


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