WTF and Happy Independence Day

Vir Sanghvi has an interesting article on the problems faced by liberal Indian Muslims vis-à-vis their Hindu counterparts. Totally agree with him expect on the optimism that he displays here:

At the start of the 21st century, we are on the threshold of a new age; of the emergence of a New India. Over 60 per cent of our population is under 25. These are the men and women who will determine the future of this country. Millions of them are Muslims eager to make their fortunes in this new frontier.

What little I have seen of their progress is encouraging. In the new sunrise service sectors — computer programming, call-centres, airline cabin crew, TV channels etc — the proportion of Muslims is far higher than in the traditional jobs.

Even though the number of Muslims taking up jobs in the aforementioned sunrise sectors may be increasing, it is not doing much to remove the rift between the two majority communities in the country. A large chunk of people (Hindus and other similar communities) still believe Muslims are from a different planet altogether. E.g. after reading LalBadshah’s excellent post condemning the actions of the Muslim extremists, I passed on the post to a friend who I knew had prominent anti-Muslim sentiments. And guess what happened? She did not even bother to go through the post. Why? Because it was written by a Muslim and "these people are like that only re". WTF?? And the lady in question is a PG from one of the most prominent colleges of science in the country.

Agreed that this may be an extreme example but the fact remains that a major anti-Muslim bias runs through an alarmingly high number of young Indians. This may not be visible to us normally but in crazier times this very bias risks turning our seemingly progressive youngsters into vitriol spewing VHPians (or whatever they prefer to call themselves). And until this sentiment is removed from its roots, no number of call center jobs can result in true progress.

The only solution I see to this problem is if people stop believing in organized religion altogether. But then, coming from an agnostic like me, this may be an example of my own biases coming into play. 🙂

Also, on the occasion of India’s 60th Independence day, an excellent article by Bhagat Singh, written in 1930.

Why I Am An Atheist?



One thought on “WTF and Happy Independence Day

  1. (no name) says:
    This blog created by so called "broadminded" people has a totally baised perspective.The problem is when we criticise or speakup against the "terrorist"  who obviously belong to no religion as such we are considered narrow minded because we are speaking up against a certain religion.But the fact still remains that in all the major terrorist activities muslims are involved.Its a question not only has to be understood by the  muslim community but in general all citizens of this country.Its been 60 years we got independence,but still why the muslims in this country are still facing menace of poverty and unemployment.No one is telling them to shun their religious practices and belives but at the same time they have to move on with times and accept certain changes along with times.Even the way the treatment of women in the community is not encouraging and in the name of religion the "fatwas" they issue is also condemnable.At the same time I believe the so called hindu organization like VHP are a total waste because there only mission is to criticise muslims which is totally wrong.And as a hindu myself I absolutely oppose such organisations.What we need is to  have a thorough discussion on the issue on why certain educated youngmen have to take up terrorism,what prompts them to takeup such extreme step and at the same time the educated and understanding hindu community should cooperate in understanding its certain people who are misleaded not the whole community,then only we can dream of a secular and prosperous India in future.    

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