I may be away from blogging for a few days as the new Content Blocker (Proventia) on the college computer network prevents me from accessing the blog. According to Proventia, this blog falls the following categories:

Newsgroups / Bulletin News Boards / Discussion Sites; Search Engines / Web Catalogs / Portals; Dating / Relationships; Private Homepages

Phew! the only category that I think would be remaining from the list would  be Porn ;). This is one crime I am totally not guilty of, if you are kind enough to discount my Thoughtcrimes.

Till the gods of the wired world (read: Web Administrator) decides on my heartfelt pleas for nirvana from the tentacles of the Proventia Monster, So Long!!

(P. S. I am writing this post using the Windows Live Writer. Proventia cannot obviously keep a tab the  nefarious activities I do using non web-browser applications. Gotcha!)

(P. P. S. Live Writer, though obviously a neat application, cannot help me view/reply to comments. I hope I don’t have to go hunting for proxy sites for it.)


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