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Orkut vs. Facebook

On top of my current list of "cool play things" is And for those who came in late (like me, Duh!), Facebook is one of the world’s most used social networking sites alongwith Orkut and MySpace. The most amazing thing that i liked about Facebook was the fact that it is more than just a "site". Its more of a platform where developers can test their skills providing cool, new apps to the user. The opportunities that these apps can give are virtually unlimited, including the chance to earn some real money. All this in the guise of a social, networking site. Wow!

Now where does good, old Orkut stand amongst the growing crowd of such sites?

A quick search for the traffic stats of Orkut got me to Amongst other things, Alexa allows you to compare the traffic stats of various sites.

Entering Orkut, Facebook and MySpace in the traffic stats throws up the following graphs:

Clearly, MySpace is way ahead of either Orkut or Facebook. But, even more surprising is that even though Facebook has been garnering a lot more press than Orkut, it is only recently that the traffic to Facebook has exceeded that of Orkut. To be more specific, its only in the latter part of August, 2007 that it has gone past Orkut. Its also around the same time that the Facebook craze hit MDI. Cool Coincidence! 🙂

What Alexa also shows is the origin of the traffic reaching the particular site. No big surprises for Orkut here: most of the users (a huge 82.8%) come from Brazil and India. Its also the 4th most visited website in India, whereas in the US of A, it ranks a lowly 38 (Facebook on the other hand, ranks 5th in the USA).

What the above figures also mean for Orkut is that its time it gets its act together. Maybe a better linkage of Google’s tools through Orkut is the answer? How cool would it be to be able to check your Gmail account through Orkut? 🙂

There’s news that Google is actually looking to spruce up Orkut here. Can’t wait to get my hands on a new, improved Orkut! 🙂

(P.S. My Profiles on Orkut, Facebook and Add me :))


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