Just read on the news that Microsoft has announced a huge profit for the quarter ending September 30.

Since a profit figure of $4.29 billion is sufficient to make me interested 😉 , I went to their website to have a look at their previous Annual Report. And the thing that stuck me the most on going there was that they still give put out their annual reports on their own .doc format files.
I mean, its probably a small thing, but isn’t .pdf one of the most widely used formats on the Internet?
Yeah, I also agree that all computers can open a file in the MS-Word format. Maybe even more than the number of computers which can open PDFs. But if the whole world is moving towards using PDFs (specially for online documents), doesn’t it make more sense to follow the same? Or at least give the user the option of downloading the same file in multiple formats?

Or is this because
their XPS format is directly pitted against Adobe’s PDF format?


One thought on “Weird

  1. The best IMO reason for having a .pdf file up there is because someone can download a free adobe reader if they want to read the report. Whereas you don’t have a free word reader you can download.
    However, the report is all available online, and there is a link where you can order a print version as well. It’s only if you chose to download that you get a .doc version, so its not like the .doc version is the only choice. You have two other choices as well.

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