Withdrawal symptoms

I am not carrying my cell phone today and feel like a part of me is missing. My withdrawal symptoms include an unfamiliar lightness in the pocket and an overwhelming urge to call up people I have not talked to in ages, amongst other things. 


Is this normal or do I need to get help?


On the other hand, every time I travel on Pune roads, I come across a lot of idiots using their cell phones while driving. Maybe they are the ones who actually need help.



One thought on “Withdrawal symptoms

  1. anonymous says:

    I guess all mobiles do have a messaging service,so try to use the reply back service sometimes.If you really have sought of that withdrawal symptoms.

    Dear Anonymous,
    Thanks a lot for your advice. Even though I hate people who use the anonymity offered by the internet for unnecessary purposes, I’ll not delete your comment. This is just to let you know that next time I would not be publishing your comments (if anonymous).

    Also, your second sentence does not make sense. Who seeks withdrawal symptoms?


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