Independence Day @ 7 AM

I wonder who was the sadistic dude who decreed that Independence Day celebrations should be carried out only at the break of dawn. By the celebrations, I mean the traditional Flag hoisting, National Anthem stuff which happens in schools, colleges and Government offices.

According to history, we got our Independence from the British at the stroke of midnight on the 15th of August, 1947. So ideally, we should be celebrating the anniversary of the transfer of power from the English to Indian hands at midnight, and not early in the morning. I mean, look at how New Year’s Eve is celebrated. You can wish someone a Happy New Year even a week after the 1st of Jan, but the ‘real’ celebrations take place 00:00 hours of 1st Jan, and not early in the morning.

So why shouldn’t Independence Day also be celebrated in the same way. Have a grand party on the night of 14th August, then as the clock strikes 12, shout out aloud and hug every person in sight. Then you can move on to the Flag hoisting, obligatory (preferably short) speeches and finally to the National Anthem. The Prime Minister can also telecast his speech at midnight. This will give you the chance to have a nice time the next morning also (if you do manage to get up in the morning :)).

Nowadays, if you ask any kid in school what 15th August stands for, the answer that you can usually expect is that its a holiday. Mainly because getting up at 6 in the morning is a painful affair. And who would want to do such a thing on a holiday?


2 thoughts on “Independence Day @ 7 AM

  1. i think there were a very few dudes in India when it became free. so no scope of dudism. ANd I believe Independence day is not about celeberation or partying if have a hell lot of days for that across d year, it is about pulling u out of ur comfort zone forcibly making you wake up @ say 6 am and reminding you of d discomforts of numerous people who laid down their lives for this day. Also technically India became free @12 midnight and it was August 15 but that morning also has a significance of its own this was the first free morning u slept in serfdom and u got up free.. was it not beautiful….

  2. @Suprem
    Totally agree with the fact that the morning of 15th August 1947 would have been one of the most beautiful dawns ever. But if we remember the morning after why not remember the moment when it actually happened? And while we do have a number of days to party through the year, why not celebrate the most important moment in the history of our nation?
    And while we all should be reminded of the history of our nation and the people behind its freedom, why don’t we do that on Aug 15? I mean, what do most of us do during the day after the flag hoisting, speech, anthem etc. are done? We go back home, switch on the TV, watch some of the “special” movies that they show that day and spend the evenings in some mall. That too because its a “dry” day. Otherwise we have even “better” ways to spend the holiday evening. 😦
    Surely we can think of better ways to pay our homage to the people who got us our freedom, than just a token gathering in the morning?
    BTW… your ‘Why Will I Never Have a Girlfriend?’ post is awesome 🙂

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