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Gmail and Facebook – Substitute Products?

Logging in to twitter tonight i found a pretty interesting tweet from Daryl Mather. He said “If Google could leverage it’s email infrastructure Facebook would be obsolete”. Okay.

Now lets think about why we use email in the first place. To send messages. To keep in touch. To send pics. To share interesting things with people we know.

In one word, to “Connect”.

But wait a minute. Isn’t that what the social networking sites are for?

Now imagine what would happen if we turn around Darly’s statement?

What if we say – “If Facebook could leverage it’s email infrastructure Google would be obsolete”

Does it make sense?

I mean, if Facebook could provide an email address (, provide the ability to fwd mails and messages, tag and group mails and do all the other cool things that gmail allows us to do, wouldn’t that be awesome? It already has all the other things with it. It is already the biggest database of photographs. You can embed videos in it, you can share links with people. Almost everything that you would want from an email id is right there.

Or is it?

(P.S. These are just a few thoughts that came to my mind after reading Daryl’s tweet. I am considering Google = Gmail here. Do let me know if it makes any sense. Comment, Mail or Send me a tweet or scribble on my wall)

And yeah, if you miss me around here, you know where to find me now :D)