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Breaking News: VHP hails Tharoor, calls him true Hindu.

In an interesting development to yesterday’s controversy about MoS for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor’s tweet, the VHP and the Sangh Parivar has extended its full support to the hassled minister. In a press conference organized at its HQ today, the VHP has called Tharoor a true Hindu and alleged that the Congress is hounding him as part of an Italian conspiracy to destroy our cows.

When pressed for comments, the VHP President said that the fact that Tharoor offered solidarity with our holy cows is Holy Cow!proof of his hinduness. He also dared the press to show one statement in which a “Congresswala” has called our cows ‘Holy’. He also took strong umbrage at Jayanti Natrajan’s statement calling the cattle class reference as insulting. The Gau is given the status of a Mother in ancient Hindu scriptures, and so belonging to her ‘class’ should be a honour and not an insult, he further added. 

The VHP president also alleged that the hounding of Tharoor is an Italian Conspiracy to annihilate India’s ‘Gau Dhan’. He said, “The Italians have always been jealous of our immense bovine population and have been looking for ways to convert them into steaks”. He said that the Italians are in cahoots with the aliens who have made covert attempts to steal out cows in the past, until India TV exposed their nefarious designs.

There are also speculations that the BJP has invited Tharoor to join their party and promised him a major post in the soon-to-be-revapmed party structure.

(Dislaimer:  This ‘news’ is as fake as the hair on Rakesh Roshan’s head. The writer means no offence to any religion, organization or person. Everything in the post above is in keeping up with the writer’s own bad sense of humour and non-existent religious beliefs. As he is so fond of reminding everyone, blasphemy is his only religion.) 

Pic Source: Rusty Leech’s blog (Rusty Without Wheels)


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