It is time.

One day in the not so distant future, Amit Varma gets called to the Slimes Now! Studio to participate in a TV debate on an ‘offensive’ tweet. The scenes below are what actually happens at the studio:

Scene 1: The Congress Party spokesperson Tom Bada ‘dhakkan’ starts to sprout the result of his extensive research into the phenomenon called Twitter while the anchor blabbers on…

Scene 1

Scene 2: Jab Amit Varma ko gussa aata hai to kahin koi server down hota hai!

Scene 2

Scene 3: But, thankfully, there is a rolled up HT to come to Varma’s rescue.
(Next scene sponsored by Hindustan Times)

Scene 3

(Disclaimer: Any non-resemblance to any person, living or dead, is the result of my own clumsiness and lack of any artistic bone in my body.)

Inspiration behind the pics is the twitter exchange between me and @quatrainman yesterday: Here and here. And this post on IndiaUncut.


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