Kneeling at the altar of Odyne

Pain. Everyone knows it. You, me everyone.

It comes in different flavours. Each one of which tastes and feels different to the one feeling it. It is like a big giant tub of Swirls. You are the one responsible for what goes in it and you will be the one who will have to bear it.

It can be purely physical. Like a mosquito bite. Or like the pain a 7 year old suffering from Meningitis feels when an entire team of medical personnel is trying to pin him down to reach a needle down to his bone marrow.

Or it can be purely mental. Like the one you feel on the death of a loved one. Or the pain which you cause – to a parent, a lover, a friend. That is the kind you feverishly hope will some how miss its target and turn around towards yourself. It does.

But it also hits its target.

After some time, with a little help, you start forgetting about the pain. Or you THINK you’ve forgotten.

But it never really goes away. It is always there. Always lurking in the shadows, ready to leap at you at the slightest mis-step from your side. It can make this leap at anytime it fancies, hours/days after you felt it for the first time. Or years, even decades, after you felt its presence. And everytime it does the same thing to you – leave you semi-conscious, bloodied and desperately trying to hold your guts from flowing out from the view of the external world.

Each one of us is walking around in a spotlight of sorts. With all the ‘pains’ you’ve felt or caused moving with you, hiding in the bushes of your path.

You never know when one of them will leap at you.