Some Kweschuns

Assuming that we do manage to invent teleportation, what would happen if there was a man in the middle attack during the process?

And if the teleported packets also take random paths to reach their destination, you know, like data packets on the internet, what if you try to teleport a human and there is data loss on the way? Will he get splinched? Is it how JK Rowling came up with the idea?



I just don’t get fanbois

I’ve noticed a strange trend among people I follow on twitter. Okay, maybe ‘Strange’ is too strong an adjective, but the trend is exceptional for sure.

The trend I’m talking about is people professing their love for some gadgets in their twitter bios. As far as I knew, the bio (short for biography, I think) link was to tell people about who you are, so that they know who they are following. At what stage does your love for a gadget (or a brand, for example) become so strong that you start using it in your bio. In other words, why do people let a gadget/brand define who they are?

The most noticeable brand that I’ve seen appearing on peoples bios is the iPhone. Followed closely by it’s parent, Apple Inc., and it’s other products like the iMac, Macbook etc. The Enfield also makes it appearance but in a reduced number, comparatively speaking.

All of these are brands/products that have achieved cult/iconic status. So it is natural for people to feel nice getting associated with them. And Apple fanbois would’ve existed ever since the Macintosh  made it’s debut. But when you have just 140 characters to write about yourself, wouldn’t you resist the temptation to squeeze in the name of your favorite phone/laptop in it?



The Future of Email?

This is what I said two years ago,

… (if) Facebook could provide an email address (you@facebook.com), provide the ability to fwd mails and messages, tag and group mails and do all the other cool things that gmail allows us to do, wouldn’t that be awesome? It already has all the other things with it. It is already the biggest database of photographs. You can embed videos in it, you can share links with people. Almost everything that you would want from an email id is right there.

And if you’ve managed to peek out from under your rock anytime in the past week, you would’ve certainly seen this, or some variant of it flying around on the net. In fact, as I write this, Mr. Zuckberg is in the process of proving me right (WSJ Live blog, TechCrunch’s Coverage). Even though, he explicitly says that he is not competing with Gmail, this may just be the biggest threat that Gmail has faced, yet.

“We don’t think a modern messaging system is going to be e-mail,” Mr. Zuckerberg said. He said that e-mail is too formal, too slow and too cumbersome, especially for young people who have grown up communicating using online chat and text messaging systems. The new Facebook service, which will allow users to have @facebook.com e-mail addresses, intends to integrate the three forms of communication into one inbox that is accessible from PCs or mobile phones.

(Source: NYTimes)

Personally, I love the Gmail experience, but I’m still willing to bet that Zuckerberg has a killer of a product on his hands.

Now, can we just sort out my royalty amount please, Mr Zuckerberg? 🙂