I just don’t get fanbois

I’ve noticed a strange trend among people I follow on twitter. Okay, maybe ‘Strange’ is too strong an adjective, but the trend is exceptional for sure.

The trend I’m talking about is people professing their love for some gadgets in their twitter bios. As far as I knew, the bio (short for biography, I think) link was to tell people about who you are, so that they know who they are following. At what stage does your love for a gadget (or a brand, for example) become so strong that you start using it in your bio. In other words, why do people let a gadget/brand define who they are?

The most noticeable brand that I’ve seen appearing on peoples bios is the iPhone. Followed closely by it’s parent, Apple Inc., and it’s other products like the iMac, Macbook etc. The Enfield also makes it appearance but in a reduced number, comparatively speaking.

All of these are brands/products that have achieved cult/iconic status. So it is natural for people to feel nice getting associated with them. And Apple fanbois would’ve existed ever since the Macintosh  made it’s debut. But when you have just 140 characters to write about yourself, wouldn’t you resist the temptation to squeeze in the name of your favorite phone/laptop in it?



One thought on “I just don’t get fanbois

  1. Dwarak says:

    1. How much effort does it take to buy an apple (or any ‘fanboi’ gadget) rather than actually becoming genuinely good at something demanding like playing the violin/chess etc (not the “my-talent-for-fb-snap” good but genuinely good)? Guess a lot more. So the easier option is buy “iconic” stuff.

    2.People buy a device/thing which has an image (derived through marketing etc) and tend to conflate the image of the brand with their own self esteem/ image. It’s easier to purchase a thing and associate oneself with the “fanboi association” that the purchase entitles him/her to rather than to be genuinely proud of something that one mastered after some real effort

    3. Comes down to this G.Carlin quote which can be applied to apple/android/enfield/SLR/DSLR and the works



    A cynical Dwarak

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