The ‘Talaash’ for a good, Bollywood thriller

The difference between a good suspense thriller and a great suspense thriller is that you can watch the great movie a second time and still have as good a time as you had the first time.
The kind of enjoyment you get the second time will be different from what you got earlier. It’s similar to solving a difficult Physics problem. You know, the kind that you could find in Irodov. You keep looking at the problem for sometime, re-reading it to see if there is a clue in the words that you have missed. If you get it, good. But if you don’t, apart from the disappointment of missing the obvious clue, there is a certain joy that you get on finding the answer. This is similar to the feeling on finding out the suspense in a thriller.
If it is a good movie, once you know the suspense you move on. There’s no real point in watching the movie again. But if it a great movie, you can go back to it and marvel at how you missed the obvious clues, hiding in plain sight.
Talaash is a good suspense movie. Well made, well acted and much better than most of the Bollywood movies that you will watch this year. What lets it down, and prevents it from crossing the thin line from good to great, is it’s script. It’s like it was written by someone who was doing a great job till he realised that he has ran out of time and still hasn’t figured out the answer. And therefore ended up taking the easiest, laziest route to the end.
It’s a shame because it could have been much, much better than it is. Till then, you can only keep waiting.