A tale of two cities

I am simply falling in love with this ad. Beautiful lyrics, music and accompanying visuals that totally capture the spirit of the “citi” in question. This (in my view) is how ads/videos should be made.

On the other hand, this (video below) is how NOTHING should ever be made. For a video whose aim would (presumably) have been to capture the imagination of a city of 15 million people in order to garner support for its home team, this falls totally flat. Not just intangible support, a loyal fan-base would also guarantee big bucks for the subsequent marketing blitz of team accessories and tickets.

With the subject in question being THE most vibrant city in the country, having astonishing visuals and a totally unique personality, coming up with this piece of crap is an absolute crime. Hell, this looks as badly produced as a prime time soap on Doordarshan.
The only consolation can be that in a cricket-crazy country like ours, it can never be too difficult to get people to queue up for the tickets. Just imagine if this crap would have been dished out for a city’s football club or worse, a hockey club in India?