The perils of drinking

The worst part about getting drunk (i mean, really drunk) is the morning after. I’m not talking about the hangover, its the temporal amnesia that I can’t digest. Imagine waking up not remembering what you did after a certain point of time the previous night and you’ll understand what I am blabbering about.
So far this is what I’ve been able to gather about the previous night:

  1. Was completely sloshed (yeah, i knew that)
  2. Danced a lot.
  3. I expressed my undying and unconditional love (perfectly straight) to almost all my friends.
  4. Agonized over a broken glass.
  5. Was put to bed twice ‘coz I ran off to the party the first time I was forced to sleep.

Finally I can empathize with Jason Bourne. Open-mouthed
But other than that its a shitty experience to have a nice time and not remember it the next day. Seriously.