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The unthinkable has finally happened.


The only recourse that I can see now involves a lot of naare-baazi, striking work, burning of PMT buses and wrecking the premises of the culprit involved.


The “culprit” in this case is one of those 24×7 news channels. Not CNN-IBN, NDTV or one of the better ones. But one of those whose breaking news usually involves a congested nasal cavity of a member of the Bachchan clan and the like.


But what was the “crime” that has me so agitated?


It was midnight and yours truly was unable to go to sleep. You see, the after-effects of 2 years in b-school have not yet subsided. Since the laptop battery had already been drained off, the only recourse I had to pass time was surfing the idiot box. Between MTV and Channel V, a news channel was “analyzing” the to-be-released movie “Sarkar Raj”. Now everyone knows that the prequel “Sarkar” is inspired from “The Godfather”, with an almost one-to-one relationship between the characters of the two. Of course, minor changes have been made in order to indianize the story and the characters. Notwithstanding the painful “RGV ki Aag” and “Nishabd”, Sarkar can safely be attributed to as a proof of  Ram Gopal Verma’s genius.


Anyways, what the lady on the show was trying to do was to point out the similarities between Sarkar and the Godfather. Apart from the usual similarities between the characters, there was something that she said that is the cause of so much pain for me. She tried to show the similarities between the storylines, and in doing so said that in both the movies the younger brother had to kill the elder. WTF!


When the hell did Mike kill Sonny in Godfather? At first I thought that she is talking about Freddo being killed by Mike in the Godfather 2. But that was not what she was getting at, she again referred to the Godfather (part 1), later on in the show. If you haven’t read the novel (or seen the movie), then why don’t you just shut up?


Making up similarities between two masterpieces, just to fill up your airtime, is blasphemy.